How To Maintain Your Car Paint Protection Film

10421429_10152492275288126_9120578607466587293_nWhile we spend lakhs to crore on our cars, maintaining it is definitely our job. The royal looking color on cars can easily be destroyed because of various reasons and might spoils the look of the car. To protect the car paint, car manufacturers apply or install a film that saves the car paint not to get destroyed. But, if we are not careful with this film, any damage to the film might in turn cause damage to the car paint. Hence, it is much necessary that we take up most care and maintain the car paint protection film to keep our cars ever glowing.

Here are a few basic steps as how you can maintain your car paint protection film.

1. Before you want to do any kind of cleaning wait until it is 48 hours of installing the film.

2. Use bug and tar remover if there are any stains or dead insect marks.

3. You can use isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner to remove the stains which could not be removed with the tar remover. Keep in mind to be careful with the car paint while using the alcohol.

4. Seal with an excellent quality protective film such as the Xpel paint protection film once in every 3 months to protect the glossy look of the car.

5. The protection film heals by itself with light scratches under normal room temperature. If the temperature is cold you can also add warm water of about 120° F over the scratched area and let it heal in a while.

6. Some scratches might be deeply cut and may not heal as easily. Such scratches can be removed using a rotary or dual-action buffer. 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish and 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish are used for better results.

downloadWaxing Film

It is impossible to avoid dirt and your car paint protective film can easily get contaminated with road oils, diesel, polluted air particles, pollens etc which will cause discoloration and might lose the glossy look. To protect the film from contamination, you can wax clean your car with liquid polymer or synthetic wax. To protect the wax getting collected at the edges, cover the corners with a blue tape which could be removed later. If you want to use a sealant, use spray sealant and keep the hose 3 feet away if it is a high-pressure hose.

Things to avoid to protect the film

While the above are the things to follow to maintain the paint protective film, there are certain things which you should avoid. Based on the branded car manufacturers of Xpel Raleigh here are a few guidelines of the dont’s.

  1. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the film in direct sunlight or when it is hot as that might damage the film to tear.
  2. Avoid using abrasive cleaners to clean the film.
  3. Avoid using dyed or colored wax to clean.
  4. Do not delay in bug stains as any highly acidic stains can damage the film immediately after contact.
  5. Avoid petroleum based and ammonia based cleaning products as these chemicals cause damage to the film.

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