Which Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is the best?

Paint protection film or PPF is a thin film of your car’s paint to protect it from scratches or stone chips. The choice is entirely yours. It depends on whether you have the habit of getting your car repainted or not. If repainting is your choice, then a PPF will not be of any use to you. On the other hand, if you wish to maintain the original factory paint only then, shield your vehicle with a PPF. Paint Protection Film is commonly referred to as clear bra or xpel clear bra. It is a transparent and translucent durable film that is applied to the high-impact areas of your car.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

It is very important to choose the right clear bra paint protection film lest you see a messed up car surface. Instead of looking new, clean, bright and shiny it will look old, dull and shabby. If you have a yellow, red or a green car, the PPF film imperfections can be easily hidden. Black is the only colour on which the slightest mistake can be clearly visible. It may be an uneven spread paint or an ill-fitted PPF, the risk is high if you own a vehicle that is black in colour. Let us take a look at a few PPF options:

Paint Protection Film

  • 3M Scotchguard:

This has been the first ever pain protection film ever made. Overall, it has a good review since it covered almost all areas of the vehicle like the door sills, rear spoiler, bumper and the bonnet. The product is durable by nature. However, stretch marks are bound to appear.  It has a long installation time in winters, but it covers the Polar Silver GT3 remarkably well. 3M Scotchguard has a 5 year warranty, but no claims for any vehicles came in.

  • Ventureshield:

This product is thinner than 3M and can be easily applied. It has an average rating because it cannot sustain itself and durability is a problem. Customers have mixed reactions to this product.

  • Sun Tek Paint Protection Film:

The installation is faster and it leaves no stretch marks behind. Its self-healing mechanism works well. The scratches vanish in hot water. It has a 5 year warranty, but hardly two claims came in.

  • XPel:

XPel was a revolution in itself and is the world’s first self-healing film. It is thick and spreads evenly when applied. It doesn’t show any stretch marks in comparison with 3M and Ventureshield. xpel clear bra is so unique that you won’t feel its presence on your vehicle.

Your vehicle will look as if it is just painted and brought out of the factory. The term ‘coat’ doesn’t apply to xpel clear bra as it is practically invisible. It is immune to all kinds of scratches and by and large is the best product in the market as of now. There is a separate ‘Headlight Film’ that is thicker and is specifically designed for your vehicle’s headlights. The best thing about it is that every part of your car is protected. Bring your damaged car and get it coated with XPel. Once it is modified you will have a tough time trying to search for the damaged spot but you won’t find it.

Thus, depending on your vehicle and the reviews, one can decide which PPF to go for.


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