5 Ways to Remove Old Window Tinting From Your Car


Window film is not always permanent; you will have to get rid of it at any some given point those that are wrongly fixed damages even quicker due to various bubbles and cracks. If you put your effort in removing window tint just by peeling, you will land up with a gluey gum on the glass that might take a lot of hours to remove. We have compiled a few of the easy steps in getting rid of window tinting from your car. All of the below methods are quicker, cleaner, less chaotic, and less dangerous to your health.

  1. Ammonia and Sun

A lot of window tinting Raleigh, NC films you will definitely not have the capability to remove it physically. So you will have to opt out for ammonia spray all over the complete window. Check the below steps:

  • Cut two black color garbage bags in unevenly the shape of the window.
  • Guard all inside exteriors near the window with a sheet
  • Rap the ammonia against the window film with another trash bag or plastic wrap.
  • Slowly begin with the of window film.

2)    Soap and Newspaper

This method of soap and newspaper has no grease. Also, it is the best way to recycle newspapers. Check the below steps:

  • Make a soapy mixture.
  • Apply this soapy mixture to window and cover with newspaper.
  • Using your knife or blade, start peeling the newspaper.
  • Quickly remove the layer of tint.

3)    Hair Dryer

This is possibly the coolest, fastest way to remove window tinting Raleigh NC. Check the below steps

  • Use hair dryer to warm the window tint.
  • Slowly continue to peel off the film.
  • Remove the remaining glue with a clean towel.
  • With the help of glass cleaner and paper, towels make your window clean and crisp.

4)    Steamer Rental

One of the best ways do-it-yourself window tinting removal is to make use of a steamer. It helps you to save your time and does not require any hard work. Check the below steps

  • Fill the fabric steamer with water, and turn on the machine.
  • With the help of the steamer peel the tint off. You will see that the glue will melt and peel off like cellophane.
  • Lastly, wipe clean with a towel

5)    Soaking and Scraping

Soaking and Scraping does not require any special equipment or hiring of professional people. It is very simple and easy. Check the below steps

  • Make a small cut in the film with a razor blade, creating a tab which you can pull.
  • Quickly Peel the tint.
  • Clean the window thoroughly with glass cleaner.

It is not very problematic or hard to remove the tint by yourself. Unfortunately, even the best kind of window film will not stay forever. Remember, when it comes to Raleigh Window Tinting taking help of a professional is the highly recommended.



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