How To Clean Tinted Car Windows In Raleigh NC?

How to Clean Tinted Car Windows in Raleigh NC

Do you know the best way to enhance your automobile? It is getting the windows of your car tinted, and there are various car tint services in Raleigh, NC where you can get the best service.

Taking Care of Your Tinted Car Window

  • Cleaning Your Car’s Windows Naturally

As the window tint is made from thin plastic films, there is a high chance that it can get damaged due to the use of harsh chemicals. Natural method of cleaning is safe and best suitable for windows which are slightly streaked or soiled. Now the materials you need are paper towels or microfiber cloths, a bottle of water (spray bottle)

The first step you need to do is spray some water on the Raleigh Window Tinting of your car with the spray bottle. Make sure that it is a light mist. Next, you need to wipe the window. Use the paper towel or microfiber cloth. Make sure that you wipe vertically all over the window surface and then you must wipe in the horizontal manner till the streaks and water droplets are dissipated.

Since you aren’t using a cleaner, try to ensure there is no dirt or stroke. If the streak or dirt is still present, then continue the process; however, try to use a new or fresh cloth to wipe.

  • Cleaning With A Glass Cleaner

Here the most important thing that you need to do is select a glass cleaner which doesn’t have ammonia. The constant usage of ammonia can cause extensive damage to the window tint and it can simply degrade it after each usage. Most of the tint installers contain ammonia, which is effectively used for removing the window tint. This is why it is not a good idea to use glass cleaners containing ammonia.

Most of the blue-colored glass cleaners have ammonia in them, so you need to avoid those. Now the materials you need to clean your tinted car window are a lint-free cloth or paper towel and glass cleaner. First spray the glass cleaner on the tinted window. It is better if you use products which don’t have ammonia like the foaming ones.

Once the glass cleaner is sprayed, then wipe it all around the window, even to the edges. It is important to wipe it quickly as glass cleaner always gets dried fast. Make sure to wipe it in a vertical pattern, followed in the horizontal pattern, till the glass cleaner is dissipated. Then you must check if there are steaks, and continue to repeat the procedure if there are excessive dirt.


There are various car tint services in Raleigh, NC whose service you can use to ensure that your car’s Window Tinting Raleigh NC is clean and neat. Of course, it might be a bit expensive, but you are bound to get a sparkling and a shinny clean car window. We hope the above method of cleaning Tinted window will be helpful for you.


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